Walking hand-in-hand on the beach. It had been a hot day and the gentle breeze and cool sand energized them. The sun was setting and the sky was a mix of blue and pink. “Pink sky at night, sailor’s delight,” he said. She squeezed his hand in reply. It was one of those perfect moments that you don’t want to end. You walk the rest of the way in silence…grateful for walks on the beach, breathtaking green ocean and for feeling more in love with each other than ever before… Celebrate your love for one another with this Sterling Silver Ring Simulated Emerald Oval Cut 5 carat  CZ Stone Cocktail Ring 14.5 mm. It showcases an eye-popping 5-carat green cubic zirconia in a halo setting. The color green represents growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Wear this elegant ring with confidence, trusting in the power of love.

Buy the Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Ring Simulated Emerald 5 carat Oval CZ Stone Halo Cocktail Ring. Find the perfect cocktail ring at DoubleAccent.


  • OVAL CUT: At the center of this feminine cocktail ring is a magnificent oval cut cubic zirconia. The elongated outline is very flattering and brings the same fire and brilliance of a round cut. 
  • HALO SETTING: Bringing a romantic, the halo design encircles the center stone with brilliant oval cut stones, enhancing the beauty and sparkle of the ring from every point.
  • GREEN CUBIC ZIRCONIA: Cherished for its fire and sparkle, this romantic ladies cocktail ring showcases a 5-carat oval cut simulated emerald cubic zirconia wrapped in high-sparkle round stones for extra shine. 
  • RHODIUM PLATING: Silver is soft and scratches easily. Plated in a thin layer of Rhodium, it becomes extremely resistant to oxidation and hard enough to resist wear. What’s more, the bright white sheen of Rhodium makes silver even more beautiful.
  • ELEGANT GIFT: A lovely treat for yourself or a special gift for a loved one. Our lovely green ring is perfect for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or New Year’s gift.


Our stones are the highest quality diamond simulants that are polished, finely cut, loupe clean, and have an exactly similar appearance and as beautiful as to naturally occurring diamonds. All cubic zirconia stone weights are approximate and listed as diamond equivalent weight in carats.


All jewelry is new and inspected for quality assurance.
Ships from the United States to ensure quality, reliability, and punctuality.

Sterling Silver Simulated Green Oval Topaz CZ Halo Cocktail Ring for Women