Stylish and modern, our Sterling Silver Diamond Simulant Center 1.25 Carat CZ Stone Hoop Style Drop Earrings add sparkle to the scenery. The perfect earrings to your favorite casual or formal attire for a one-of-a-kind curated look that’s all your own. As a replacement for real diamond earrings, it can be worn every day. Steadfastly beautiful, these earrings add the perfect dose of sparkle to your everyday style.


Buy Sterling Silver Earrings Platinum Plated, 14K Gold or Rose Gold Plated Silver Earrings Center 1.25 Carat Round CZ Stone Invisible Set Modern Design Hoop Style Drop Earrings for yourself or as a gift. Find the perfect CZ earrings at DoubleAccent.


  • CUBIC ZIRCONIA: The brilliant fire and sparkling, prismatic light play of this high quality 1.25 carat round cut cubic zirconia earrings catch the eye and capture the imagination.
  • INVISIBLE SETTING: This unique design silver diamond simulant earrings feature a stunning invisible setting. Our hoop style earrings bring a modern, sophisticated look with plenty of sparkles. A feminine look whether you’re in the boardroom or out on the town.
  • METAL: Crafted from fine 925 sterling silver, earrings are electroplated with a layer of platinum to prevent oxidization and scratches. Platinum plating lends a bright white sheen to the metal, adding to the beauty of the silver. Available in 14K rose gold plated silver or 14K gold plated silver to complement other jewelry.
  • ALL OCCASION GIFT: Celebrate graduation, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or the Holidays with a stylish pair of CZ hoop style drop earrings.
  • PACKAGING: Our one-of-a-kind silver diamond simulant earrings arrive in a blue cardboard box with foam inserts.
  • SIZE: 10 mm Wide X 22 mm Long (0.39 x 0.87 Inches)


Our stones are the highest quality diamond simulant that are polished, finely cut, loupe clean, and have an exactly similar appearance and as beautiful as to naturally occurring diamonds. All cubic zirconia stone weights are approximate and listed as diamond equivalent weight in carats.


All jewelry is new and inspected for quality assurance.
Ships from the United States to ensure quality, reliability, and punctuality.

Platinum, 14K Gold or Rose Gold Plated Earrings, CZ Stone Hoop Style for Women