The roaring 20's. Jazz music was the jam and Flappers wore bobbed hair and short skirts. They were the “new women”. Some drank and smoked. Imagine! How unladylike! Our Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Ring 4-carat Emerald Cut CZ Stone Solitaire Wedding Engagement Ring brings back that same sense of freedom and excitement. A bold style that contrasts daintier engagement rings, it showcases a sparkling 4-carat emerald cut cubic zirconia stone that will shine beautifully on her finger.


Buy her the Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Ring 4 carat Emerald Cut CZ Stone Solitaire Wedding Engagement Ring (Size 5 to 9).


  • ART DECO INSPIRATION: For lovers of the quiet elegance and minimalist lines of 1920’s style jewelry, this show-stopping wedding ring shimmers in platinum splendor. A 10mm wide band adds to the one-of-a-kind beauty of this solitaire engagement ring or wedding ring.
  • DOUBLE PRONG SETTING: Stronger and more protective than a single prong setting, the rounded double prongs of this piece secure the emerald cut gemstone while covering the blocked corners for added sculptural appeal.
  • 4 CARAT EMERALD CUT CUBIC ZIRCONIA: Capturing the light from every angle, the 4 carat emerald cut CZ stone is the sparkling showpiece of this classic design silver ring. Parallel line faceting and step-cutting details give the emerald cut gemstone is classic appeal. Perfect for ladies who love jewelry with an accent on glamour.
  • PLATINUM PLATED SILVER: Crafted from sterling silver, this engagement ring has a platinum coating for enhanced shine and durability. A pure, strong metal that is naturally hypoallergenic, platinum won’t tarnish or discolor like other metals.
  • GIFT BOX: Ready for gift-giving, this bold classic design silver diamond simulant ring comes in our blue cardboard ring box with a foam insert.
  • BAND WIDTH: 2-3.5 mm
  • CENTER STONE: 9 x 7 mm 

Diamond Simulant Engagement Ring, Emerald Cut Platinum Silver Wedding Ring