Sometimes home isn’t a place, but a person. It’s like when you’re working on a jigsaw puzzle and you finally find the piece you’ve been searching for…and it just clicks into place. It’s great when the searching stops and you both realize you are finally home…


This eye-pleasing Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Ring 1 carat Princess CZ Stone Channel Setting Wedding Band by DoubleAccent is the perfect complementary band to engagement or anniversary  ring. With its classic design and the sparkling row of cubic zirconia stones, it makes a stunning statement on its own. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find this ring a good home.


Buy her a Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Ring 1 carat Princess CZ Stone Channel Setting Wedding Band (Size 5 to 10). Find silver wedding rings.



  • CHANNEL SETTING: A popular ring setting, that showcases stones set right next to each other, with no metal separating them. Worked over the edges of each stone, the outer ridge of the ring protects the stones while giving the ring a smooth, touchable surface. Ideal for ladies who want a classic design silver diamond simulant ring that is glamorous and affordable.
  • PRINCESS CUT: A straight-sided outline and brilliant facet arrangement give gemstones clean lines and beautiful sparkle. Small princess-cut stones bring brilliance to our sterling silver wedding band.
  • CUBIC ZIRCONIA: Cubic zirconia brings brilliance and clarity to diamond simulant rings. This elegant wedding band wraps your finger in a full carat of princess cut cubic zirconia for an eye-catching sparkle you’ll enjoy every day.
  • ELEGANT MATCHING: Our classic design silver diamond simulant wedding rings harmonize well with an engagement ring with a channel setting and adds a bit of bling to a plain band engagement or anniversary ring. 
  • GIFT BOX: Our classic platinum plated sterling silver wedding bands arrive in a blue ring box for elegant gift-giving.
  • BAND WIDTH: 2.5 mm


Classic Design Sterling Silver Ring CZ Diamond Simulant Stone Channel Set Band